Since its establishment in 1982, the firm has represented injured clients in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases, achieving outstanding results and obtaining substantial recoveries for our clients.

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The attorneys at our firm are experienced in cases involving

  • Construction site injuries
  • Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents
  • Products liability (defective products)
  • Liquor liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Premises liability, dog bites and other personal injury claims.


Our firm applies a team approach to these cases and is able to call upon a diverse set of legal and technical skills to achieve excellent results for our injured clients. Some of our successful results include the following:

Injured Police Officers

$9,100,000.00 Police Officer injured when he was shot responding to a incident.
$7,700,000.00 Police officer injured when he was shot responding to domestic violence call.
$800,000.00 Police Officer struck by drunk driver soon after finishing shift.
$300,000.00 Police Officer injured when backhoe landed on his foot during a construction detail.
$68,000.00 Police Officer injured when struck by cab while working traffic detail.
$65,000.00 Police Officer injured when shot while entering a building to serve a warrant.
$50,000.00 Police Officer injured when his vehicle was struck at an intersection while driving to work.

Construction Workers Injured on the Jobsite

$750,000.00 Demolition engineer injured when he fell from temporary construction platform without proper fall protection. 
$525,000.00 Carpenter injured when he slipped and fell on construction debris that was not cleared from the jobsite at the end of the day. 
$500,000.00 Construction worker suffered rotator cuff injuries when he fell on an uncovered manhole hidden in the grass at a jobsite. 
$500,000.00 Construction worker injured when he tripped over equipment improperly stored by subcontractor.
$397,000.00 Carpenter injured while 40’ in the air on a scissor lift during stormy conditions. 
$375,000.00 Electrician Apprentice injured by a live circuit that was not properly locked/tagged out.
$300,000.00 Construction worker injured when he tripped on debris obstructing an egress from the jobsite. 

Miscellaneous Injuries

$1,200,000.00 Young boy lost his leg in motor vehicle accident. 
$950,000.00 Man struck by drunk driver who had been overserved alcohol at a local bar. 
$950,000.00 Woman severely injured in motor scooter accident. 
$500,000.00 Woman suffered head injuries in fall down dark stairs at residential apartment building where owner failed to provide adequate lighting. 
$300,000.00 Woman injured when struck by a snow plow. 
$150,000.00 Woman injured when she slipped and fell on wet bathroom tile floor and cleaning company failed to put out any warnings that the floor was wet. 

Clients Injured by Dangerous Products

$867,500.00 Quadriplegic died as a result of a defectively designed wheelchair seatback. 
$300,000.00 Carpenter injured by defectively designed bungee cord hook. 
$225,000.00 Woman injured during go-cart crash due to defectively designed track walls. 
$150,000.00 Construction worker injured by defectively designed electric saw.
$135,000.00 Waiter injured due to defectively designed glass table top.

Clients Injured by Medical Malpractice

$700,000.00 Woman died after signs of heart attack were ignored by physician earlier the same day.
$500,000.00 Woman with complicated history of medical conditions discharged from Emergency Room and died several hours later.