$750,000.00 Demolition engineer injured when he fell from temporary construction platform without proper fall protection. 
$525,000.00 Carpenter injured when he slipped and fell on construction debris that was not cleared from the jobsite at the end of the day. 
$500,000.00 Construction worker suffered rotator cuff injuries when he fell on an uncovered manhole hidden in the grass at a jobsite. 
$500,000.00 Construction worker injured when he tripped over equipment improperly stored by subcontractor.
$397,000.00 Carpenter injured while 40’ in the air on a scissor lift during stormy conditions. 
$375,000.00 Electrician Apprentice injured by a live circuit that was not properly locked/tagged out.
$300,000.00 Construction worker injured when he tripped on debris obstructing an egress from the jobsite.